Manu Crook$ Dropped a "Heavy" music Video For a Smooth track "Different League"

Pigalle Shot by Razak.JPG

Manu Crook$ is back with a new video for his track "Different League". During the performance and focusing on his way of acting in the video clip, we can only affirm that Manu has what it takes to establish as leader of the Australian rap game. He had already proved it before thanks to his video clip "Day Ones" which reached 1.2M of view on youtube. It is indeed because of this video that we noticed the Australian Rap artist.
First of all, Manu has his own style and his own flow that we could call "Smooth raw" that he tries to impose in the rap game. With his bad boy look mixed with a touch of "I do not care", Manu appears at the same level as Major artists like Drake or Travis Scott, when it comes to talent.
In his video, Manu Crook$ offers us a walk in a dark alley, first, on foot, then by car with a charming lady on his side.
See for yourself below and let us know what you think

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