RADAR: Interview With Rising Pop Star PAWL


Recently, we’ve discovered a very gifted singer-songwriter and producer named PAWL, who has been praised by The chainsmokers for his single « Young And Faded ».



“I’m inspired by everything outside of the western music scene, and I listen to a lot of afro beats. However, I always come back to EDM and I guess that’s where I belong.”

Indeed, the young Swedish artist has demonstrated tremendous skills when it comes to orchestrating music. He’s definitely one of our « Top Radar Artists » not only because his sound signature blends various genre but also every composition that he has put out oozes catchiness. 

His latest musical project « Nirvana », a delightful and warm blend of pop, electronic and house-is music has captivated us. We, then had the chance to discuss with the artist about the project and his global perspective of music.




First of all, congratulation on your new project, and thank you for give us a bit of your time.

Thank you for taking your time!

In fact, The new Project, « Nirvana » is a tremendous single and I think it deserves a lot of attention. What Inspired You To Create The Song?

Well, ever since I started making music, it was all about having fun. But at some point, I got lost between all the songs and expectations of how it things should be. Eventually though, I came to my senses and realized that I should just be enjoying myself. Hence the topic ”Nirvana”, where the lyrics tell you to just enjoy the present moment and not take everything too seriously.

Could you describe the process of creation? Did you have a whole team behind the production or was it done all by yourself? Also, During the creating process of the song, what came up first? The melodies or the lyrics?

The production of the song was made solely by me. I started on the track in October 2017. Since then it was just laying around until last summer when me and my team decided to move forward with it. It started out with a simple melody for the verse. After that I reached out to a songwriter friend of mine in LA who I knew would be able to pull it off. We basically wrote the song over the phone during a week in October.

How Long Did it take you to finalize the track « Nirvana »? Do you have an Upcoming Music Video For the track?

It’s hard to say... In total, I’d say probably two weeks. At this point we don’t have a music video coming up, but who knows what happens!

I’ve Noticed That You focus more on pop/electronic music, but have you ever wanted to explore other genre?

I started out with a more EDM based sound, until about 2 years ago when I started incorporating pop influences - especially when it came to the vocals. But I do explore other genres as well, just not as an artist. I love anything with a nice rhythm. The beats in hip hop and afro beats gets me going whenever I just want to mess around and have fun. You might even hear those influences in my released songs in some weird way.

I can tell that you really enjoy making music but, have you wanted to do something else instead of Making Music or Music was always Your First option ?

Music has always been my first option. However, I watch a lot of series and I’ve always been interested in acting. I think that exactly the way a musician is able to make music for different genres, an actor is, in a similar way, able to dive in to different roles - meaning the basis is basically the same. It’s all based on going within yourself in order to tap into different emotions and roles. So who knows - maybe you’ll see me on the big screen on day!

Now, If You ever had the chance to work with Your Favorite Major Artist, Who would you want it to be?

There are many... But to name a few of them: Major Lazer, Julia Michaels, and Clean Bandit.

Also, How Do You perceive the Music Industry Nowadays? What Would You Change In it? And What Wouldn’t you Change?

I feel like dance music isn’t at its peak at the moment, at least not like it was back in 2011/2012. Today, hip hop is dominating the charts - which is cool, I enjoy it as well. I would however love to see dance music come back and become more visible on the charts.

Side note: It would also be cool to hear a crossover between EDM and hip hop. I don’t mean the typical arena EDM, neither the rawest hip hop. I’m talking about bringing them both together to meet in a world of pop. That’s something I’d like to hear.

Use 3 Words To describe Your Music.

Dance, International, catchy.

Well, thank you for the chat, Any last thing to share with us?

Thanks for getting creative with the questions, I had a lot of fun answering them!