RADAR: You'll Fall In Love With Deanna Devore' Cozy Vibes


Deanna Devore is a fascinating artist with incredible potential. Her way of delivering a song plunges right into a soft and relaxing universe. Indeed, the young Toronto/Chicago Based artist has the gift of captivating the audience through her blend of soft melodies and electro-downtempo rhythms. It’s actually the case with her latest album of seven songs, entitled "Half And Half", which combines sweetness with a lot of tenderness. In addition, in my opinion, this album is ideal for the Autumn / Winter season that we’re right now entitled to, because the ambiance that emerges from it, is adequate to wrap in a blanket. If you listen to the album, you'll know what I'm talking about.

Basically, the young Deanna is not an artist to be taken lightly since the style of music she delivers is unique and few artists go in that direction. It’ll only be a matter of time for her to be on the level of artists like Lana Del Rey, since they have the same type of vibe.

Several blogs such as Atwood Magazine, Grungecake or even The Revue Magazines, continues to praise this young prodigy and have, just like us, placed her under their Radar of Promising Artists.

Stream The Full Album Below