Radar: Kid Indigo is Paving His Way To The Top

Kid Indigo is a name to remember for years to come, not only because this young Portland artist has a catchy musical sound, but also because he has a talent, hard not to notice. Since the launch of his career in 2016, Kid Indigo continues to vary his musical style, which proves the flexibility with which he can integrate a new musical environment. Note that, "Doja" his first single was a hit in Europe, and generated a large fanbase for Kid Indigo. Today the track totals no less than 1 million streams on Spotify. Which proves that Kid Indigo has the potential to rank among the biggest artists of his generation.

His latest single "Ghost", featuring Astral OG, exudes charisma and swag. The chorus is composed in a simple and poignant way, so that listeners can remember it, easily. In addition, the captivating melody will make you move your head as you listen to the track. Of course, the track as such, is composed in the perspective of modern Hip Hop with a well adjusted autotune reinforcement. What do you think?