RADAR: Meet Japanese Duo AmPm 🇯🇵


Japan is more and more present on the electronic music scene especially with the involvement of the masked duo "AmPm". Indeed, this group of producers has an incredible talent in production and in remixing music. Their latest track "Little Bit More", which was unveiled to the public on September 26, 2018, is a real masterpiece that will make you want to let off steam on the dance floor. However, this is not the only track you will enjoy with AmPm. In fact, the duo already has a serious music catalog containing catchy tracks, including remixes. We’ve indeed discovered AmPm through their single "3 AM", which is a track blending electronic music with a rather Pop vibe. The track, just like "Little Bit More" feature vocalists, who themselves, deliver captivating performances. (“3AM” features Haneri, while “Little Bit More” features Ayden)

Moreover, We think that AmPm is a promising duo because, they have already a certain notoriety on Spotify, with more than 900,000 listeners per month. Few artists can boast of having such an impressive fanbase on Spotify. In other words, AmPm is on the right track to the top of electronic music.

Here is a small list of music that you will love to listen to.


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