RADAR: LA Based Artist Cuja


Kicking off her artist career with her debut single ‘Backseat,’ singer/songwriter and creator, Cuja, unites honest lyrics and a dance hall beat thats filled with fun and feelings. Raised in Denver Co, LA based artist showed a passion for creating at at early age. Paired with her love of singing, songwriting quickly became her preferred method of expression, leading her to pick up new writing tools such as guitar, piano, and ukulele. At 18, Cuja, moved to Chicago to pursue a degree in Musical Theatre, but quickly found she longed for more creative freedom and power. In her debut single, 'Backseat,' Cuja speaks to the complexity of the female perspective in relationships. “The communication of emotions is the most important thing to me in a song. Feelings come in all colors, shapes and sounds. I try to chase down the feeling and then create something from there.” Inspired by girl power artists like Hayley Kiyoko, Dua Lipa and Nicki Manaj, Cuja spins a luscious electronic pop vibe that doesn't lose track of her singer-songwriter roots. Like many mixed race artists, Cuja found pride in her colorful heritage, choosing her artist name as an homage to the true pronunciation of her Filipino family name (Cudiamat). “I’m excited to help contribute to wave of inclusion in the music industry. Growing up, I was always looking for artists that looked like me and even now its hard to see so many asian american artists fly under the radar. I figure I could complain about the problem or become part of the solution.”

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