Totally Jam 005 | Favorite Concepts — Top 10 Summer EDITION

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Uranium Waves unveils “Totally Jam 05”, a list of favorite musical compositions, this summer. In other words, this section highlights 10 songs that we favorite and believe sounds very uniquely catchy. We focus on the originality, the texture, the catchiness, and the structure to determine songs to be featured on the list.



With plenty of Charm and elegance, Young Auckland Singer/songwriter BENEE offers the tremendous single ‘Glitter', off her latest EP “FIRE ON MARZZ”, which is an indie pop vibe infused with catchy melodies. Indeed, with her unique personality, and her mellifluous vocal tone, the 19 year old artist has a strong charisma that gives her an edge to conquer the pop industry. Matter of fact, when you first, listen to « Glitter », you’re introduced to a musical experience that only Major Stars offer. In other words, BENEE is definitely destined to be a superstar. Carving out a space between indie pop and R&B, she deconstructs modern “pop music” to create a sonic landscape all her own. 

On FIRE ON MARZZ, she shared: 

“When it came to coming up with a name for my EP, what first came to mind was wanting a phrase that was a big old explosion, because that’s kinda what the EP feels like to me. I came up with the name FIRE ON MARZZ and thought it did the best job at not really relating to any song in the EP. I didn’t think there was a phrase that could sum them all up.”

Stream The EP Here:

Featured Single


Shy Martin - Same Old

Shy Martin doesn’t disappoint with her catchy tunes. It’s now certified that every songs that she releases, is a hit. Indeed, her single « Same Old », unveiled two months ago, is a brilliant composition swaying between a smooth folk-ish atmosphere and a groovy electro pop ambiance. The track, from every instruments integrated to Shy’s vocal performance, sounds purely genuine and fluid — It’s definitely an amazing musical journey through a universe of wonders, and the lyrics explores the nostalgia of a past romantic relationship. 

Personally, I think that Shy deserves more recognition as a songwriter, since her skills have been beneficial to artists like Bebe Rexha, Astrid S, Kygo, Ellie Goulding, ALMA, Jess Glynne, etc..


Virginia To Vegas - Just Friends

Canadian Singer/songwriter Derik Baker, known as Virginia To Vegas, take us on a gorgeous musical journey with his single « Just Friends ». The track is a gleeful vibe filled with colorful melodies and a catchy vocal performance. Indeed, the song is actually one of our favorite song of this summer, not only because it gets easily stuck in the head, but also because it easy to vibe. Personally, I think this song deserves to be played everyday on the radio because it has a certain relaxing atmosphere. 

Moreover, Virginia To Vegas is, these days, getting more and more recognition, thanks to his songs ‘Selfish’, ‘Lights Out’ and now ‘Just Friends’ which are now counting together up to 29 millions streams on Spotify. We can, then confirm that Derik Baker is on his way to become a Star. 


Jillian Shea - Talk Too Much

Following Her Role as ‘Bailey’ on Disney's hit series Walk the Prank, Young artist/actress Jillian Shea is pursuing her music career by unveiling a third single entitled « Talk Too Loud ». The single as such, produced by Mikal Blue and Nate Lennox,  is a cool Modern Pop song, immersing in a cheerful and dancing vibe. Indeed, with her angelic and raspy voice, and by the fluidness of her performance, Jillian definitely confirms her musical abilities. She has the Superstar gene and will naturally be recognize among the greatest like other Disney starts such as Selena Gomez or Demi Lovato.
Stream « Talk Too Much » Below


PAWL - Blu

If I was a producer looking for a summer hit song, PAWL is probably one of the artists, I will be working with. Every song that this young singer/songwriter unveils, oozes a cheerful, catchy and groovy ambiance that takes you on a trip to a colorful island. For instance, his single « BLU » is a flamboyant and exotic vibe, that reminds of those white beaches and sweet umbrella drinks. By the way, the song itself refers to summer, freedom, and the ocean. 

“I wrote ‘BLU’ about that longing for escape from the reality you’re currently living in. It seems like it doesn’t matter where you live in the world - cause wherever you are, you’re always longing for something else, something better” — Confides PAWL 

He continues saying: 

“We work all year long for those three weeks of vacation - and this track is about how amazing that escaping part of the year is.”

Stream ‘BLU' Below 


Isaac Dunbar - Ferrari

Isaac Dunbar is an incredible young artist to place under radar, not only because of his tremendous charismatic voice, but also because of the dexterity behind his songwriting. Indeed, his recent song « Ferrari », off the EP « Ballons Don’t float here » is a dazzling composition fusing dark pop with a certain punchy indie rock ingredient. The track takes on an uncommon but pleasant musical journey as its structure is a reinvention of dark pop. The perspective behind the lyrics delineates high school’s drama involving young adolescents facing the spread of rumors and the critics of peers. 

The Balloons Don't Float Here EP melds complex sounds and atmospheric, beat-driven production to create melodic and introspective tracks. Cut from the same cloth as trailblazers like Flume, Khalid, and Billie Eilish, Isaac's impressive vocal runs and pensive, emotive lyricism showcase the insane talent of this artist


DESIIRE - Closer

It’s always pleasant to listen to Canadian Singer/Songwriter DESIIRE’s sparkling voice, mostly when it’s blended with soulful instrumentals. Indeed, following his album « Paradise », the Congolese-born singer return with fresh and an ethereal drowsy mid-tempo vibe entitled « Closer » — A genial fusion between two musical universes such as R&B and future bass. As a pre-lude to his upcoming project " Black Star « , the track unfolds DESIIRE’s emotions with subtle nuanced lyrics, over the hard hitting 808's and smooth synth. Moreover, about the song, the young singer shares:

 " I really wanted to create a song that felt true to my musical background, from the beat to the vocals, i think we achieved just that "

Stream Below


Eric Nam & Steve James - Missing You

“Missing You” is a the tremendous pop electronic single released two months ago by Producer Steve James, featuring Korean American Singer/songwriter Eric Nam. Indeed, the composition has a simple but consistent structure enhancing some catchy flute melody and a mellifluous chorus. All the musical ingredients infused in the blend, are perfect for a summer trip. 


Luxtides - Dreams

Indie Pop, is getting more and more recognition thanks to amazing artists like Billie Eilish, Conan Gray, Melanie Martinez etc. Also, recently we’ve discovered a young talented artist named Luxtides, who should definitely be added to the roster, not only because she has what it takes, but also because she is paving her way, smartly. Indeed, Luxtides is the solo venture of New York native Danni Bouchard, whose last endeavor, ‘Oh Honey’, signed to Fueled By Ramen/Atlantic Records and enjoyed international success as a folk-pop duo. Her latest single « Dreams » is a wonderful smooth bop oozing a certain gloomy and dreamy vibe, that fills the skin with goosebumps. The track is a solid production blending indie pop and fold with light sonorities of electronic music. The vibe exudes the sensation of floating in the ocean under a full moon.


Stella Talpo - 314

With Her delicious Voice as the main engine of the production, Stella Talpo transports us in the soulful musical universe of her latest single entitled "314".  The single is a mellow atmosphere, blending blues and indie pop, and the topic behind the lyrics unfolds the pain of facing the stillest moment of our life. 

“314 is when my night is stillest. When the temptation to escape the kind of discomfort which follows silence is almost impossible to turn a deaf ear to. You squirm for any distraction from having to face your demons, who like to pay us a visit when we’re alone. So we make sure we never are.”

In other words, quiet moments can often make you think or meditate on what you’ve done wrong previously. And it could often be tough to face those bad decisions.  
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