L.A. Vocalist/Producer Dyllan’s New Single entitled “One Of Us” Is A Creative Bop

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“The lyrics are quite simple compared to some of my other songs, but they really get to the point in a way that trying to be clever wouldn’t. “One of us wants what the other can’t give, one of us wants what the other can’t live.” We’ve all been in that situation, where we think if that person just changed this one thing, it would work.”

With her single « One of Us », Los Angeles-born vocalist and producer Dyllan Shows her versatile and creativity. Indeed, released on August 23rd, the composition is a brilliant Bop, filled with inventive colorful sonorities, which blends well with Dyllan’s vocal. Written after her personal experience, Dyllan confides that:

“The song is about not being able to reconcile fundamental differences with the person you’re with, and ultimately rejecting the idea that you should change for that person or that they should change for you.”

The lyrics exude simplicity and fluidness and get straight to the point. Anybody could easily understand and relate to the song.