NYC Singer/Songwriter Kisos Shares His Deepest Feelings In New Single "Happily Ever After"


We all know how hard it can be to turn the page after a love relationship, mostly when we’ve spent years alongside someone we truly believe was the one. And of course, it’s even more heartbreaking when we see that ex move on fast with a new lover.
Kisos decided to share his own experience about that situation, in a smooth composition entitled « Happily Ever After », which was produced by Kyle Patrick and Kisos Himself. Indeed, written in real time as he recovered from a life-shaking breakup, the track is the lead single from his upcoming EP Sweet Nothing, and the production is shared between a millennial Pop trend and a modern Chill electronic vibe. Regarding the song, Kisos shares:

"‘Happily Ever’ After is about hearing your ex say they love someone more than you, after only knowing them for a few weeks. It's about using the hope of getting back with someone as a poisoned motivation to improve yourself. It's about knowing you're in denial, but that delusion is the only thing that will help you survive a shattered heart."

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