Top 10 Song Featured in Our Spotify Playlist | Impeccable Noise

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Our Spotify’s playlist is loaded with tremendous music ranging from Commercial Pop to Hip Hop vibe. We always make sure to add different varieties so the listeners could easily find what sound is best for them. Today, we’re bringing you “Impeccable Noise” and you can stream below the top 10 songs added in the playlist, this week. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the rest of the songs aren’t good. Indeed, all of the tracks in the playlist are amazing. That’s why they’re featured in it, at the first place. Thus, without further Ado, view below the top 10 track added, this week on “Impeccable Noise”, and pick your Antidote.

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10. Story & Blue - In Another Life

“In Another Life” is A single Full Of Punch, Emotion and Charisma. The composition is infused with creative and catchy sounds. The track is offered by an indie pop duo named Story & Blue, comprised of songwriters Tova Litvin and Tyler Shamy.

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9. WizG - Talk About It

American DJ/production duo WizG presents “Talk About It”, a classic pop single blended with modern electronic sounds. The track is a catchy vibe that I believe many listeners will enjoy.

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8. Exmag - Zoonis 1

We always like to provide our subscribers, many varieties of music. And this time we’re offering you to enjoy a very consistent and polished Future Bass composition delivered by The duo of Producers named Exmag. The single entitled “Zoonis 1” will definitely transport you in a pleasant dimension.

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7. NSH x Charla K - Intuition

NSH and Charla K teams up to bring you a dreamy modern pop song entitled “Intuition”. The track is definitely categorizable as “Trendy Right Now”, not only because it’s the type of music that you hear every day in the radio, but also because it’s catchy. The composition is infused with electronic sounds that could remind a bit of the likes of The Chainsmokers or Kygo.

— — —


6. VBND - No Other Feeling

Jazzy, fluid, and captivating, the new single “No Other Feeling” by producer VBND, will make you dream and take you places. And of course when I say places, I mean Virtual places. The composition is at the same time funky, groovy and trancy. It’s the type of vibe that warms your soul and force you to let yourself go on a rhythmical dance.

— — —


5. Madison Old - Roses

After listening to a Madison Old’s song, it’s easy to fall for her vibe and become a fan. Her delicious and captivating voice will warm and cheer your heart. Indeed, she offers us lovely song “Roses” off her Album Blue and the song is a soothed mellifluous composition shared between indie pop and folk music. It’s the perfect track to cope with winter.

— — —



CHATBOT has the skill to produce good music. And the proof is hearable in his latest composition “I.D.F.C.”, below. The track is a blend of trendy pop with a hint of electronic-dance mood. Of course, not only the vibe is catchy, but also the rhythm is set on a tempo that will make you dance.

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3. Zazoo - Spinnin’ Round (Marcus Layton Edit)

Pop duo Zazoo recently unveiled its debut single entitled “Spinnin’ Round”, which was loved by many listeners. This lead to Producer Marcus Layton editing the song in his own perspective, adding a certain House feeling to the composition. The track takes now, a different direction but still keep its catchiness and consistency. It’s an amazing orchestration that many fans will adore.

— — —


2. Monica Martin - Patient

After hearing her single “Cruel” released in 2018, we can only conclude that Monica Martin is one of the best songwriters of our generation. Every rhymes and melodies that she put together is meaningful and actually touch the soul of her listeners. Her new single “Patient” is an illustration of her charismatic talent. Indeed, the composition is simple, consistent and inspiring. Plus, her unique and breathy voice will captivate your attention.

  1. Elli Moore - Gateway

Even though, “Gateway” is her debut single, Young artist Elli Moore isn’t new to the music industry. Her numerous participations, behind the scene, on majors songs, gave her a loaded musical background, that she can now integrate in her own craft. Indeed, the sound that she came with in the single “Gateway” is a marvelous pop composition infused with catchy melodies and a certain intoxicating atmosphere. Listening, to Elli’s performance, you kind of have the feeling that you get when you hear superstars like Demi Lovato dropping a new song on the radio. Take the time to stream below and let us know what you think.