5 Amazing Songs To Kick Start Summer.

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Summer Vibes

A Happy Summer is always accompanied by a good musical selection. Indeed, each summer is marked by a certain type of song that helps us to remember more easily the good times spent with friends or family. In addition, artists are well aware how much their music has an impact on everyday life. That's why we've put together a selection of 5 songs to add to your summer playlist.


Shy Martin - Out Of My Hands

‘Out Of My Hands’ is a gentle melodious composition unveiled on April 26th by Swedish Singer/ Songwriter SHY Martin. Indeed, the track is a blend of an intoxicating guitar melody with SHY’s beautiful voice. It’s certainly the type of vibe that most teenagers easily remember and sing all summer. 

Moreover, it well known that every songs that SHY Martin releases are fabulous. She first debuted in 2016 as a ft. vocalist & songwriter on Mike Perry’s "The Ocean," a track that went on to win Spotify Sweden’s prize for ‘Most Streamed Song of the Year’ with over 550 million streams. Since then, every tracks that she released, are hit song counting millions of streams. 

“Out Of My Hands” is right now, totalizing about 2.5 millions streams on Spotify. Stream it below.


Almost Owen - Something In You

Almost Owen offers a gorgeous indie pop song that will certainly move ‘Something In You’. The track is a fantastic acoustic ballad evoking the difficulties of letting go. It blends different catchy melodies enhanced with lovely harmonies. It’s definitely the type of songs that you will probably enjoy in your car - when you riding on a trip - Or around a camp fire. Indeed, the lyrics are so consistent, simple and catchy that you will easily remember them to sing it at Almost Owen’s concert. 

Moreover, the song pays tribute to John Mayer's Continuum days, as well as the lyricism and self awareness of Paul Simon at his best. Also, the most fascinating thing about the composition is the fact that, it was all written, produced, and recorded by Almost Owen in his bedroom studio, just outside of Boston, MA. Stream below.


Neo Noir x Stephanie Rice - CrashLanding

Future Music Collective NEO NOIR, recently unveiled a very catchy tune entitled ‘CrashLanding’ in collaboration with Vocalist Stephanie Rice

The track is a charismatic blend of Future bass and Modern Pop, integrating electronic transitions. This is the second official release of 2019 for this LA based pop duo. Fusing elements from multiple genres, the track will immerse you in a sonic vibe moving through percussive soundscapes. Moreover, the vocal performance, offered by Stephanie adds a wavy emotional twist to the whole mix. Stream below. 


Chris Brown x Drake - No Guidance

This featuring “No Guidance” was waited for so long and it’s finally here. This new collaboration between Drake and Chris Brown definitely meets the expectations and the way it was composed conserve each artist’s type of vibe. Indeed, Chris Brown brings his flavored R&B vocals while Drake gently slides on the beat with his cozy pop/rap vocals. Moreover, the song is a perfect fit for the season - I mean, it was released at the right time, since summer is here. Many fans were actually satisfied (as you can read in the comments section on Youtube). The track is good and we’ll expecting more collaborations from them, in the future. Stream below, if you haven’t yet. 


Tyler, The Creator x Playboi Carti - Earfquake

Many People think that ‘EARFQUAKE’ is another masterpiece orchestrated by Tyler, The Creator, and to be honest, we can all agree that the composition is definitely, Fire. The song actually reminds of Childish Gambino’s single ‘Redbone’. They don’t sound exactly the same but they low-key have the same texture. Also, the catchy hook immerses in a sweet melancholic journey and the lyrics quickly get stuck in the head. However, even though, the vocal performance isn’t the best you ever heard, Tyler did a good job by keeping it simple, consistent and captivating.

Moreover, Playboi Carti’s contribution was actually essential to take the track to a new level. It just perfectly blends. The track is currently totalizing about 68 millions streams on Spotify. 

Stream below