Jeremy Zucker & Chelsea Cutler, Two Friends Sharing A personal Conversation In Single “You Were Good To Me”

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Jeremy Zucker and Chelsea Cutler takes us on a wonderful music ballad entitled « You Were Good To Me » in which they both express deep emotions. 

It’s quite amazing to witness the flowing alchemy between the two friends when it comes to write music. Indeed, the track sounds genuine and there is no way not to fall in love with the composition. Over the past years, Jeremy and Chelsea have galvanized a solid fan base with their respective breakout single,“all the kids are depressed’’ and ‘’Your Shirt’’. 

Both artists have been paving the way in their respective lanes. However, their union was serendipitous, and it happened in 2016 at a college neither of them attended: The University of Connecticut. Jeremy was a sophomore at a different college but got flown out to UConn to perform a show. He was performing at an outdoor fraternity party, one that Chelsea was actually attending while visiting her best friend on campus. “I was already a fan of her beautiful covers of pop songs,” Jeremy recalls, as Chelsea was also a fan of his. “Right when I come off the stage, this girl comes up to me and says, ‘Hey Jeremy, I’m Chelsea Cutler.’”

From that point, both artists became friends and actually came together to release the authentic masterpiece « You Were Good To Me ». Indeed, the single is simple, fluid but oozes a lot of emotions most like if both artists were destined to write the song together. 

About the song Chelsea shares: 

“Jeremy and I stayed in a cabin in Connecticut last year where we wrote our song ‘better off.’ That trip inspired some of our best writing, so we decided to go back a year later. ‘you were good to me’ is the first song we wrote up there and showcases, to me at least, how well we bring out the most honest artistry in each other.” 

Jeremy, on his side, added: 

“The cabin was basically a recording studio built in an old carriage house. The walls were lined with vintage guitars, keyboards, drums, and loads of random items that we ended up putting in our song. In between writing sessions, we would hike, watch movies, or just talk about life. The music really represents how we felt at that cabin: inspired, wholesome, and introspective.”

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