Josie Moon Spices Up The End Of Summer With New Single "97 (Hurt)"

Josie Moon

In an effort to spice up early fall, Josie Moon presents a sensual new single called "97 (hurt)". Indeed, the young 21-year-old New Zealand singer plunges us into an emotional wave through her breathtaking performance. She’s definitely an artist to put under radar, knowing that several blogs and radio stations didn’t take long to notice her talent.

Note that the track "97 (hurt)" is actually accompanied by four other tracks to form an EP entitled "Rose Tinted". Indeed, "Rose Tinted" highlights a new musical perspective adopted by Moon, in part with the help of producer and artist Nik Brinkman. This new musical form melds different styles of creativity from pop music to a hint of sound alternatively RnB. The proof is that tracks like "Call Me" or "After Hours" acquire an electro-pop trend while "97 (hurt)" is a beautiful ballad tuning vintage RnB sounds to a soft pop ambiance.

Without further ado, enjoy the vibe below.

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