Aussie Pop Star GRAACE Returns With Tremendous Musical Fable "Last Night"


Few artists can boast the ability to share their emotions through the music they compose, and GRAACE ranks among them. Indeed, she returns with an extraordinary musical composition entitled "last Night", which capsizes the heart and plunges the mind into a colorful ambiance.

The 21-year-old Aussie artist has been quickly noticed by various blogs and radio Stations, not only because of her majestic performance but also because of her deep and honest lyrics that carry in fabulous fables.
In addition, "Last Night" depicts a story strewn with lies that will end in tears and sorrows. And we perceive it especially in the lyrics when GRAACE Sings:

"I took your voice, cause I love to lie / And I weighed you down, so I learned to fly / last night I made you cry." 

Her first single "Kissing Boys" counting about 650k on Spotify allowed her to be placed in major Spotify playlists.

Without further ado, enjoy "Last Night" below.