Chloe Lilac Captures a beautiful Souvenir with friends in a Song "Stolen Liquor"

chloe_J5A4630 copy.jpg

With her sweet and tender voice, New Brooklyn-native artist Chloe Lilac throws us into a glamorous atmosphere filled with fascinating musical chords, entitled Stolen Liquor. It should be noted that the track is unique and it is almost rare to find such compositions exuding a fragrance of melancholy, immersed in a Lo-fi wave. And it is indeed what makes all the charm of "Stolen Liquor".
In addition, the young singer Chloe describes the track as the musical capture of an exceptional memory that she wanted to see last. She explains: 

“I wrote this song about a night in my junior year of high school when I snuck out with a boy and he stole wine from his parents. We drank it by the lake in the park in between both of our houses after thanksgiving dinner. It was a really special night to me and I wanted to capture it in the song."

Stream Below.