Ottawa Based Singer Peter Jessy, Often, "Plays Pretend" To Blend In.

Uranium Waves Peter Jessy

Peter Jessy

Play Pretend

Pretend to please is something that we often linger on to infiltrate a group of friends or to motivate our ego. So, we can very well identify with the beautiful and sweet musical track "Play Pretend" of the talented young Canadian singer Peter Jessy since he puts the emphasis on a personal experience that has led him to endorse a mask.
It is through a touching vocal performance and a relaxing instrumental that this young artist from New Brunswick, Canada, immerses us in a pampering musical fable. Indeed, from the story behind the track, it seems that it's often difficult for Peter to show his true personality, so he pretends that everything is fine and continues to move while retaining his ideals. Thus, the track "Play Pretend" is a sincere means for Peter to lower his mask and confide in his audience on a very unique composition.
Savor the track below