GOOD INTENTIONS EP: Georgia Blackwell Released a breathtaking Opus "Strangers"

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A musical opus is distinguished by the emotion that each melody it contains, generates in the soul of the listener. And "Strangers", the second single included in Georgia Blackwell's EP "Good Intentions", has this great quality. Not only is the track impeccably arranged, but Georgia's resplendent vocal performance immerses audiences in an exhilarating and Soulful atmosphere. In addition, it's through a thrilling video that the young London singer delivers us her masterpiece. Indeed, the staging is done in a café, with Georgia Blackwell and her band performing eloquently on stage.

On the lyrical level, Georgia portrays a love situation that ends dramatically with an unsatisfied side. Many of us could identify with this song if we were in love with someone who didn't necessarily share our feelings. It's often saddening and disappointing but never a sufficient reason to abandon the quest for love. Fortunately, this lovely tube "Stranger" will serve to comfort and pamper the broken hearts, at least the time to meet the ideal person.

Note that this masterpiece would not have been possible without the help of producer Fred Cox who previously worked with artists like James Morrison and Rag'n'Bone Man.

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