Mesmerizing Musical Composition "Plans" released by Talented Louis Samson

With his beautiful, captivating voice, the talented Danish-born singer Louis Samson returns with a totally hypnotizing musical composition entitled "Plans", included in his new EP "2 Years, 7 Songs". Indeed, the track is arranged with such a musical dexterity that it plunges us into a world of intoxicating seraphic melodies.

From the beginning of the song, we immediately ecstatic with the flexibility, sensitivity and elegance with which the former member of the duet "Julias Moon" addresses his first verse. Through this tetanizing performance, we can only confirm that Louis Samson has the quality of being able to transmit his emotions to his audience. And it's a quality that can be found in big stars like Shawn Mendes, Ed Sheeran, Harry Styles and more.
That's why the Danish singer has received critical acclaim from blogs such as Complex, Iggy Mag, Purple Melon, Gems & Secrets, and so on.

If Samson keeps releasing music like these first two tracks then he’ll be everywhere in in 2018. It’s catchy and effortlessly elegant in delivery” - PURPLE MELON

When you're stripped down to your very essence, there's no place left to hide. When you remove the multiple layers, the result is raw, vulnerable and in this case utterly captivating.SCANDINAVIAN SOUL

Self-Reflection with a luminous beat. It’s time for you to take notice of Danish singer songwriter Louis Samson” - DIAMOND DEPOSITS

Electrifying vocal toplines provided by Louis Samson himself. This track is one of a kind”- GEMS & SECRETS

Listen Below

Moreover, on the lyrical side, Louis has armed himself with simple but powerful words to portray a reality of everyday life blended with his own experience. The title itself "Plan" is a metaphorical designation for the lack of time to express all the love one feels for another person. The clock is ticking, time is running out and all we have left are memories. Thus, we must enjoy every moment with those we love and especially never fail to tell them how much we love them. That's a view of what Louis meant by saying: 

Plans is a train of thought, about not having enough time with your loved one, but making sure the time you have really counts”. 

Then he added: - “The title of the EP pretty much describes everything. all seven songs were written within the last 2 years of my life. Every song captures a certain feeling or state of mind at the time a song was created – and gives a pretty good idea about my life over the last two years. I think it’s important to see this EP as a collage – more than a collected piece”.-  

Listen To the Full EP below and let us Know what you think.