Tim Freitag Released a sound that levitates somewhere between melancholy and euphoria entitled "Hold On".


 A delicious addiction that needs to be snuffed. An overwhelming yearning for enduring emotions, for abiding desires, for much, much more than mere ephemeral gray cigarette smoke, listlessly lingering in the air of vacated lounges: «Try to keep me alive», sighs in angelic, soul-searching tones, craving, dying for a rescuing hand. The longing for yearning… for Someone, or Something? For the liberating alarm signal? 

TIM FREITAG‘s «Hold On» sustains a high level of tense turbulence, engages and enthralls us in the struggle to keep a clear, penetrating, piercing perspective in the eye of the storm. Thundering forth, yet at once both addictive and delicate. From the prelude of the first guitar chord, lead singer Janick Pfenninger sings heartfelt into the feather-soft, discoesque underlying structure of the melody, underpinned, accompanied by an untiring, undying drum that drives and thrusts forth the intoxicating pulse-beat of the song. TIM FREITAG created a moving single, laced with a deep morbid streak - a single that will continue to rapturously resound in our ears until the full album is released in spring 2019. 

The single «Hold On» will be released on the 16th of March 2018, together with DJ Offended Fluff Ball‘s (Tom Hessler) remix version. Exclusively for the press, the accompanying videoclip can be seen here, now: 



Concerts in March/April

  • BScene, Basel, 02.03.2018
  • AndermattLive, Andermatt, 17.03.2018
  • Bloom, Winterthur, 27.03.2018
  • Zermatt Unplugged, Zermatt, 12.–14.04.2018


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