L.A. Based Singer/Songwriter Keithian Returns With A Brilliant Single "Birds"

Keithian Birds

After the success of his single "Ride Out" Keithian returns with an even more captivating track in which he demonstrates his tremendous talents. The track, entitled "Birds" is indeed a delight for the ear and I admit that this young singer / songwriter from Los Angeles will be a real heavyweight in the music industry. In addition, know that "Birds" is only an excerpt from the EP album that is cooking the native of New Orleans, entitled "... To My Pain". It’s with the help of one of Rihanna's producers, Oliver Delcros-Sainville, that Keithian is preparing this beautiful upcoming masterpiece.

Moreover, concerning the single, the young artist confesses:

“‘Birds’ was written about me trying to fall in love, but realizing I’m not fully there,” Keithian said. “My heart and mind was on other shit, like hoes and bullshit. I mean, I’m a guy of nature and when I looked at birds at that time in my life, they reminded me of how I should’ve been flying away from bad behaviors and being honest with that someone I was participating in fake love with.”

Well, now plug your headphones and enjoy “Birds”

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