Childish Gambino Caricatures Drake, Kanye West, Future, and Many More In New Music Video.


Despite the fact that summer is almost ending, Childish Gambino, aka Donald Glover, took the time to unveiled a new masterpiece after his latest monumental hit "This is America". The actor and singer delivers us "Feels Like Summer", a five-minute song with a solar clip and full of references to rap and hip-hop stars.

Will you know how to recognize them? In this animated film, directed by Childish Gambino, Ivan Dixon and Greg Sharp, we can see the singer, headphones in his ears, nonchalantly walking a street lined with pavilions under a hot sun. In an atmosphere of late summer afternoon, the artist meets many personalities.

Among many others, Nicky Minaj and Travis Scott playing children's games, Drake running behind Future, Kanye West, comforted by Michelle Obama, Whitney Houston, Eminem, Will Smith or Beyonce wearing a t-shirt making tribute to Fredo Santana, rapper who died in January.

After the sublime and hovering "Redbone", Donald Glover had given his vision of the United States in "This is America". This dark portrait was depicted in a clip that had the effect of a bomb across the Atlantic.