Jaden Smith Returns With A New Video Shot In The Same Perspective As His Previous "The Passion"


After announcing his new album, Jaden Smith shares the video "The Passion", in a visual and musical perspective of his own.

The child prodigy is back with a new music video, entitled "The Passion" from his album SYRE. In the video, Jaden immerses himself in the same vibes as his latest visuals, mingling, wonderfully, with the very Californian setting, with a breathtaking pink sky, overlooking only the heights of the city, as if he wanted to assert that he has his place in this environment. In a set of colors worthy of a palette of paint, with this look so atypical, young Jaden continues to prevail and prove that he no longer has this image of son dad who stuck to the skin, and that he is able to show his true talent as an artist and to achieve it alone.

jaden smith

With already an album SYRE released in 2017 plus an extension version EP SYRE: The Electric Album, unveiled in 2018 (three mixtapes to his credit and many featurings, J.Cole, Cudi Kid, Tyler The Creator, Post Malone), the young 20-year-old artist is already well asserted. Industry veterans recognize the growing talent of Jaden Smith and do not hesitate to put him in the spotlight, whether in music or fashion. The young avant-garde knows what he wants and does not let himself be, subtly taking a place alongside the greatest. He also announces the release of a new album, ERYS, which should arrive at the beginning of the year 2019.