Top Video Of The Day: Zion Wants Out Of The Friendzone.

Zion - Friendzone

Zion's new "Friendzone" track releases, to begin with, magic and a lot of love. Indeed, the track is a marvel that will inevitably waltz you on a sweet tempo. The delicious vocal performance of the young British artist, comparable to that of a superstar, will make you want to replay the track several times. Many users are already starting to get excited about the fact that thanks to this track Zion could see its name among the big stars of our generation. It's not just lyrics that captivate, but it's also the catchy melodies that plunge into a wonderful trance.

Moreover the video that accompanies all this beautiful melodic orchestration makes you want to embark on a beautiful romance worthy of a fairy tale. We must, of course, appreciate this beautiful visual work put together by artistic director Sesan Ogunro, which reinforces the melodic beauty of the track. Let yourself be carried away in this beautiful waltz, by watching below.

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