RADAR: Sara Diamond is To Watch Closely.

Sara Diamond

Sara Diamond is strongly heading to a quest for Grammys and it's only a matter of time for her, especially with the talent and musical charisma that she oozes. The young Montreal artist keeps surprising us with her alluring and diversified sounds. Indeed, she comes back this month with an EP album of 7 songs, filled with emotions, sincerity and versatility.

Indeed, the EP entitled "Foreword" depicts the crossing of the barriers of fear to reach an uncertain conclusion, but perhaps promising. Sara has a lot to say about the highs and lows of dating relationships, since most of her latest songs are about this topic.

Moreover, "Foreword" is a harmonious delight, not only because of Sara's smooth and frisky vocal performance, but also because of the versatility of the production. We quickly notice in the production a certain inspiration of the 90's. Sara incorporates in her own musical signature a hint of soulful pop, infused in an RnB atmosphere. In addition, the captivating voice of this young Montrealer is definitely a big asset for her career. Of course, Sara is an expert in the field, since she started singing at the age of 5, with the support of her mother.

So, Sara Diamond is an artist to watch very closely because she definitely has a huge potential, and qualify for Stardom.

Stream Her EP and watch her latest video Below

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