RADAR: Meet British Alternative Pop Singer Indiana.


Indiana Is definitely a talented artist and promising star with an unique personality and a vibrant background.

The Loughborough native artist was signed by Sony in 2014. While her early music was incredibly well received, Indiana’s initial excitement of a record deal was soon overshadowed by a crippling lack of creative control. “It was just too many people’s opinions,” she says of her time on the label. “I didn’t feel I had the freedom to present myself as the artist I really am and I wasn’t strong enough to shout about it”.

This, coupled with being trapped in a difficult relationship at the time, sent Indiana into a deep low - the knock-on effect being total writers’ block. When her record deal came to an end, she decided it was time for some big changes. Ending the relationship, Indiana started becoming herself again and began to embrace the things that had previously been suppressed. “Entering the dating scene was a wake-up call. It never satisfied me…. guys are attracted to me, and want to f*ck me…. but in terms of continuing a relationship, they have issues with who I am, and why they were attracted to me in the first place.’

And so came the life-changing revelation: “I’m not girlfriend material, but I’m OK with it.”

Indiana was so taken with this life statement she decided to stamp it into reality by creating a tshirt bearing the slogan ‘Not Girlfriend Material’.  In what has now become a signature look for the artist, an oversized tshirt coupled with sports socks and trainers, she has termed her style ‘Sex Leisure’ i.e. “a cute exterior but with a bit of filth.” The slogan became a hit with Indiana’s friends and she transferred it to other items - phone cases and other accessories - it became a mantra, and not only that, but she wrote a song with the same title “It’s more of an introductory piece, so it made sense for it to open the album - and even better sense to call the album after it”.

Having decided to eschew love and relationships altogether, Indiana’s creative block was lifted and her true-self came to the fore. She started seriously owning her social channels. Her existing fanbase continued to support @indianathegirl but thousands more are joining the party - one look at her Instagram grid will instantly show an artist who is not only in control of her destiny, but leading a provocative and self styled movement. “I’m a narcissist,” she claims, “but I don’t see this as a negative thing - it’s part of who I am. I always say - you don’t have to like it to have to look. That’s me, in a nutshell.”

As ‘Not Girlfriend Material’  started to take a more solid shape, Indiana discovered a release partner in Audio Network -  a global music company working in partnership with known and emerging artists to market and release their music across DSPs, while providing a world-class publishing and collections service.

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