Krept & Konan And The "I Spy" Movement To Fight Drill Music Cancellation

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Most people all around the world, still don’t know that UK rap scene houses tremendous artists like Krept & Konan. They recently released their single ‘I Spy’ — which features counterparts Headie One and K-trap — to address the controversial move by the State and the Police to Ban Drill music. Indeed, despite the rough language incorporated in the drill music, the main objective of that music is to present the reality of the street. So people often get confused with the falsity presented in the news. It might be true that It could also influence juveniles to act recklessly but so do action, horror and thriller movies. Hip hop scene has never changed; it has always presented the realities of the street. And drill music is just a crude aspect of these realities. 

Thus, Krept & Konan launched a petition (asking the CPS to ‘stop silencing musicians’) and were invited by Diane Abbott MP to the Houses of Parliament to debate whether or not censoring Drill music and prosecuting Drill artists is an effective way to combat crime.  

The single « I Spy », illustrated with visuals orchestrated by Wowa (Hardy Caprio, Ms Banks, Yxng Bane, Lady Leshurr), is now a movement to support UK drill music. The track was even remixed with many Drill Music Artists like Bugzy Malone, Abra Cadabra, Morrisson, Snap Capone.

Stream “I Spy” Below

View The “I Spy” Remix here