Kensington Moore's Single "Addict" Is Actually A Pure Addiction.

Kensington Moore

Kensington Moore Unveils a tremendous musical composition entitled « Addict ». The track is a lovely musical blend combining a velvety vocal performance supported by some intoxicating guitar vibe. As its title indicates, the track oozes an addictif ambiance that plunges in a wonderful waltz. Indeed, it’s not just the fact that Kensington’s voice is captivating but it’s also the way her performance perfectly suits the instrumental. Regarding the writing process, Moore shares:

“Addict' started as a super emotional piano ballad in my dad’s house in Nashville," Moore explains. "The chorus kinda came to me out of nowhere and ended up getting stuck in my head for weeks. I later showed what I had started to my writing partners Corey Britz and Travis Ference and finished the song with them. It’s cool to me how the vibe totally changed from what I heard as a very emotional ballad to a super weird, kinda off - centered pop song."

Stream Below.