Elli Moore Embarks On A Musical Journey With Her Debut Single " Gateway"

elli moores.jpg

Elli Moore introduces herself to the music world, with her debut single « Gateway », which a tremendous pop blend, fusing catchy sonorities with gentle upbeat drum sets.  The single can be perceived as a commercial pop genre, yet with a subtle hint of electronic/future bass tendencies. Indeed, the concept behind the song gravitates around a personal love experience that the young singer went through. She explains in the lyrics how hard it was for her, to get over her ex-boyfriend and move on with her love-life. Most people can definitely relate to her story as love’s ups and downs is something that we all go through at a certain time of live.

Moreover, even though « Gateway » is her debut single, note that Elli Moore isn’t a newbie in the music world because she was already established as songwriter/producer in a female collective called LYRE. In fact, not only LYRE has been writing and producing songs for artists in both America and Asia, the team also has worked on projects that accumulated about 100+ million plays across all platforms. And that’s a very impressive musical background for Elli. 

Stream her debut single « Gateway » below.