5 Songs That Will Put A Smile On Your Face.


We all know that sometimes life can get though. You may feel lonely and like nobody understand you.

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But Luckily, scientists have proven that some sound frequencies could possibly be useful to go through that phase, and put a smile on your face. Thus, music is strongly recommended. That’s why today, we offering you 5 songs that will fill up your life with hype and colors. Indeed, those songs were concocted by up and coming artists that you might have never heard of. Perhaps, one of them will be your new favorite artists.


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5. Aria - Wave (Feat James kaye)

When it comes to originality and consistency, the young rapper Aria makes sure never to disappoint his fans. Indeed, he returns with a tasty single entitled "Wave" featuring talented singer James Kaye who gives the track more flavors by delivering a catchy chorus. Moreover, the song was produced by grammy winning producer and engineer Jordan "DJ Swivel" Young. Stream below


4. Lucky Rose x Jordan Hart - Lost

Built with emotion and charm, the single “Lost”, by Lucky Rose and Jordan Hart is the type of vibe you need to calm your nerves and feel soothed. The track is infused with rich, melodious and uplifting guitar riffs that easily get stuck in the head. Plus the blend of upbeat house-ish rhythm with mellow melodies gives an interesting catchy vibe to the composition. We can guarantee that if you a fan of Kygo, you’ll fall for this song. Stream below.


3. Emily James - Foreign Land

Having lived all her life surrounded and influenced by various musical sonorities, the New York singer Emily James has managed to put together a unique sound signature that incorporates Pop, Rock and Folk noises. Her latest single entitled “Foreign land” is a composition that we strongly recommend you to listen to, not only because it oozes a lot of emotions but also because the built is particularly interesting. Moreover, Emily’s amazing vocal performance will immerse you in a sort of colorful and warm ambiance. Stream below. [ Ps: The acoustic version for this is also available now on Spotify].

2. CHEL - My Name

Indie Pop Music’s roaster is getting more interesting mostly with the discovery of talented artist CHEL who recently unveiled a catchy tune entitled “My Name”, which could be the breakout song for her career. Indeed, with a though background and experience, CHEL had to forge herself with a serious confidence and spirit to thrive in the music business. She definitely has the potential and all the charisma needed to achieve greatness. Listening to her song “My Name” is like listening to a Major Pop star because the orchestration of the song is a pure delight that will get you thrilled. Stream below.

  1. Harry Hudson x Jaden Smith - Just Slide

Los Angeles Singer-Songwriter Harry Hudson teams up with Rapper Jaden Smith for a tremendous single entitled “Just Slide”. The track is definitely full of emotion, passion and charisma. Indeed, listening to this marvel, you get lost and immersed in a deep ocean of feelings and cogitation. Moreover, it’s quite impressive to hear Jaden Smith singing to keep up with Harry’s flow prior to deliver a prompt and charming rap verse

The track has so much potential not only because it has been orchestrated by notable producers Mike Dean, Jess Jackson and John Ho but also because the intention behind the lyrics is totally genuine. Of the song, Harry says:
“I wrote this song specifically for my ex knowing she still has feelings for me. But it’s really a song to let people know that if they truly feel something about someone just slide through and let them know. Life is too short to sit and wonder ‘what if’.’ The collaboration came about naturally. I played the track for Jaden at The Mercer in New York, and he recorded his verse in the hotel room on spot. Luckily Mike Dean and Jess Jackson were staying next door and helped us finish the record. I love organic shit.” Stream the track below and share your thoughts