✪ PREMIERE: Wild Emotion Unveiled New Catchy Single "I don't ever wanna see you again"

Uranium Waves Wild Emotion

"I don't ever wanna see you again" is the new musical composition proposed by singer-songwriter Wild Emotion. Blending a tone of Dream pop music and the rhythmic and dancing envelope of electronic ambiance, the track is innovated on every transition and immerses in a quasi-changing musical dimension. In addition, the vocal performance of the young singer from Los Angeles is imbued with a catchy chorus that facilitates the memorization of lyrics. And it should be noted that it's definitely this kind of detail that allows listeners to enjoy and remember a song as much as possible.
Moreover, the lyric side of the song depicts a love breakup story, inducing the desire not to see the person who broke our heart. Yet destiny is so bizarre that it forces us to find ourselves in front of the people we want to avoid the most. So let's hope for Wild Emotion, that he doesn't have to see that person he's trying to avoid so bad.