✪ PREMIERE: LA Based Toronto Singer NOA Takes Us On A Mellow and Intoxicating Musical Journey entitled "Casual"


Canada is full of countless talents and NOA is one of them. Indeed, the young 21-year-old singer is already painting a promising musical path, not only with the divine voice she has but also thanks to the quality of the lyrics she delivers on her latest single "Casual".
The track in question, is a beautiful melodious ride that charms the ear and softens the temper. From the first moment of listening, one is immersed in an intoxicating vibe, dotted with neat melodies, captivating verses and catchy choruses. It should be added that the vocal performance of the young Toronto singer is worthy of a star's.
Moreover, the story behind the lyrics of the song encompasses the complexities of romantic relationships. Indeed, often in relationship, some people prefer, for instance, not to get too involved to avoid having a broken heart. So, they savor the present moment and avoid planning a long term. It is therefore this romantic perspective that NOA portrays in "Casual".