Singapore Reveals One Of Its Greatest Talents Brb. Through Debut Single "Cool With It"


From Singapore, the Brb. music trio echoes its unique musical signature, overseas. Indeed, they recently unveiled a single entitled "Cool With It", which is a beautiful musical mix, melting R&b, funk and Soul music. Each section of the track is full of fascinating and catchy melodies. In other words, listening to the track, we find ourselves literally in a relaxing, exciting and pampering atmosphere. In addition, the vocal performance is pure intoxicating delight, given the softness and precision of each tone.

It must be said that this young trio is full of potential and it is only a matter of time for these three young musicians to rank among the elites of music.

In addition, to accompany their track, Brb. offers us a video orchestrated on a vintage perspective, with pleasant colors and visual effects. Watch below:

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