Nicky Romeo & Stadiumx Teamed Up With Singer Matluck For Single "Rise"

Nicky Romeo

After the success of their latest musical collaboration "Harmony", Nicky Romeo and Stadiumx get involved in a new musical collaboration, as exciting as the first, entitled "Rise".

Indeed, the track is a fascinating electronic arrangement, which plunges into a dancing atmosphere. Of course, since Nicky Romeo and Stadiumx are in charge of the production, they used the assistance of vocalist Matluck, to enhance the quality of the composition. Thus, Matluck delivers a bewildering and catchy vocal performance, which perfectly matches the musical perspective orchestrated by Nicky and Stadiumx. Note that thanks to this dedication of these three artists, the track was a treat for Spotify’s listeners, knowing that in less than a month, it totals over a million listening. Enjoy below,