Alternative Pop Duo, Tofer Dolan Depicts a Love Story in new Single "Baby Daddy"

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The Alternative Pop Duo Tofer Dolan made of singer Asher Roth and producer Oren Yoel returns with a new authentic and irresistible single entitled "Baby Daddy". Merging several poignant instruments, such as a powerful bass line, a pronounced percussion and harmoniously harmonious synthesizers, the track depicts a love story between a man and a single mother. We all know how difficult it is for a man to bear the burden of a single mother. Indeed, this romantic relationship does not only happen between two people; it involves two variables that must never be ignored: the child and the father of the child. In that angle, Roth adds:

" I think the position of a step parent is pretty interesting. I'm curious to hear about people's different experiences with raising children that aren't their own."

However, despite the ups and downs of this complicated Love story, it's a blessing to end up in such situations as they forge to be more mature and wise.
Thus, through the beautiful serenade "Baby Daddy" sung by Asher Roth, the duo Tofer Dolan gives us the honor of a beautiful musical experience.