Sasha Keable Brings Back The Old Good Contemporary RnB Music


Usually when you see song titles like "That's The Shit", you're expecting a Rap song. But in this case, we will be entitled to a contemporary RnB track of South-London singer Sasha Keable, plunging into a state of pure languor and well-being. Indeed, the track begins with series of intoxicating piano, voice chords and bass before introducing us to the delicious vocal performance of the young Sasha. Also, the vibe generated by the track immerses the listener in a bath of emotions and the composition exudes a jazz flavor blended with soul ingredients. 
Moreover, regarding the topic behind the lyrics, Sarah was exposing a certain type of Men that go to clubs and pretend to be something they're actually not. She says:

"‘That’s The Shit’ was written over three years ago with a producer called Prgrshn. It’s a bit of a piss take to all the men who go to clubs to buy bottles with money they don’t really have and the women who hover around them just to get a few drinks or a shag....!"

Keable was raised on Soul and Hip Hop, with some of her main influences ranging from Donny Hathaway to Lauryn Hill and her eclectic tastes manifest themselves in her songwriting and arrangements. 

Don't delay anymore and listen to "That's The Shit" below