JON Vinyl advocates simplicity and naturalness in love in New Single "Star-Crossed

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JON Vinyl

Jon Vinyl is back this month with a beautiful mellifluous composition entitled "Star-crossed", merging a good dose of soul with Jazz. With a flawless vocal performance, the young Canadian singer portrays through his lyrics a reality about the complexity of love relationships these days. Indeed, in a relationship, some acts can generate assumptions and make appear as the weakest link in the relationship. So to avoid being perceived as such, most people will create a shield not to show their weakness. For example, they avoid over-texting not to be seen as doing too much. And this situation eventually become a kind of game. Thus, Jon reveals this aspect of the 21st century and advocates simplicity and naturalness in love like the relationship between Romeo and Juliet. What is the point of complicating love?

"if we’re not meant to be together, then let’s drop the games and live recklessly for the moments we have left."