Bedroom Producer OTHER Joins Nana The Writer To Reveal Intoxicating Single "Missing"


Through their new single "Missing", OTHER and Nana The Writer transport us into a mind-blowing musical universe blending electronic vibes with Pop-ish tone. Assembled in a simple and attractive way, this new track belonging to the future bass genre,  is a true delight for the hearing. In fact, it must be said that these two young artists have outdone themselves, this time, to provide us with a fabulous performance. OTHER's vocals, both charming and sparkling brings a beautiful harmony to the instrumental, which already emanates a totally intoxicating sound.
Moreover, on the lyrical side, the track evokes the difficulties and the sequels encountered in love. Indeed, love often forces us to yield to our weaknesses and to suffer in silence to please the person for whom we have feelings. Thus, OTHER and Nana benefits from their beautiful and tragic love experience to deliver us more than a single, a masterpiece.