⚑ PREMIERE: Sky Renee Released Colorful Track 'Still In Love"

The sun season is now here and Sky Renee takes the opportunity to transport us into a world filled with marvelous colors with her new track called "Still In Love".

The song has all the appropriate elements to the satisfaction of the eardrum. Mixing soul RnB with a touch of alternative pop, the track exudes a nostalgia of the 70s. Indeed, in addition to the melodious and soft bass, the pad in the background assigns a spacey perspective to the track. This beautiful musical arrangement was made possible thanks to the involvement of producer Drew Dvorsky. 

In addition, Sky gives us the honor of a totally sublime performance. From her cozy vocals, emerges a beautiful warmth filled with love and melancholy. But it's totally normal since the story behind the lyrics of the song is about Love.
In fact, The songwriting evokes the fear of falling in love and being unable to control who we falling for. Indeed, love is very complex concept knowing that it is virtually impossible to neither control our feelings, nor predict the outcome of a relationship. And it's that truth that Sky Renee highlights in her new song "Still in Love".
Take the time to listen because it's worth gold.

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