Conan Gray Shares His Single Life In New Single "Crush Culture"

Conan GRAY Crush.jpg

"Crush Culture" is the beautiful musical orchestration offered by 19-year-old New Yorker Conan Gray. First of all, the track is undeniably a delight for the ears and the story behind the lyrics is truly inspiring. In other words, Conan uses his experience as a single to tell us how much he wants to be involve with love and relationship. He explains it even in these words:

“I wrote ‘Crush Culture’ for my fellow heartbroken single people. I've been single for all of my 19 years of my lifehaven't even had my first kiss yet! Meanwhile, all of my friends have burned through several heart-throbbing, mushy-gushy, morbidly loving relationships; all while I watched longingly from the sidelines. Eventually, I’d just gotten so sick of watching everyone around me being in love. It's gotten to a point where when I see people who are in love, I get so bitter from my lack of love that I just want to destroy every relationship in sight (hence the music video of me ruining people’s dates). Since I can't be in love, no one canthat was my logic. I wanted to write a song for the loveless, thus ‘Crush Culture’ was born.”

Indeed, to better illustrate the track, Conan personally envisioned a cinematic music video which was Premiere by FADER. The clip sees our lovelorn and scorned hero ruin a series of dates at his high school in hilarious fashion. Enjoy the song below.