Discoveries Of The Week (06✩04✩18)

Jhyve - Purpose

Through his latest single "Purpose", Jhyve dives us into an intoxicating ocean of melodies fusing dark R & B and chillstep. His Crispy soulful Vocal performance, blending a 6lack-ish flow and a fresh Ty-dollar-sign- ish tone, emanates deep emotions and pleasures. Indeed, his detailed lyrics explore heartbreaking experiences. Incidentally, by singing " I Just Wanna Find out if we still got purpose" Jhyveis referring to an analogy questioning where the love relationship with his partner is going. Take the time to listen to the song and let us know what you think. 

The Analog Affair - Tricklish

Protland based Duo The Analog Affair, composed of Evan Baker and Cody Moser, recently unveiled its single "Tricklish" which is a unique rhythmic combination of Rock and indie pop. In a subtle way, the guitar in a solid correlation with the bass absorbs into a totally intoxicating vibe. Besides, the soothing and melodious performance of Evan acts as an acetaminophen for the brain and nerves as it generates inner calm. Take the time to listen and let us know what you think.

J.O.Y - 547 

Melancholy, emotion and pleasure mingle in the new track "547" by J.O.Y. Originally from Germany, the young artist continues to impress music lovers. His approximately asymptotic voice to The Weeknd, and his flow fusing dark soul with sensual R & B, gives uniqueness to his performance. In addition, the lyrics of the song address the end of love life of J.O.Y in Tokyo with his partner. Noticing that the latter didn't give him anymore love or joy, J.O.Y decided to break up with her, and focus on his life because she became a distraction.

Dwebby - hands On Me

Dwebby embarks us in a fluctuating atmosphere between Electronic Music and R & B through his single "Hands On Me". Inserting a good vibe ingredient seasoned with a good dose of emotions, the track is a pure melodic summer sound sensation. Throughout listening to the song, we felt strongly impregnated in a world of colors, beautiful sun and rhythms. So, have a listen to this beautiful tune and let us know what you think.

Flavia Adabia - Enough Of This 

Flavia Adabia offers us rich color visuals for her piece entitled "Enough Of This". Indeed the video is shot on a beautiful paradise beach filled with rocks. While browsing the edge of the ocean, Flavia offers us a totally intoxicating performance.