10 Music Videos That Will Get Your day Going Better | Uranium Waves Selection.


Decidedly, This month has been filled with creativity, quality and unpredictability in terms of the music videos. We have put together a short list including 10 incredible music videos that you have probably not seen yet. You will surely find your favorite music in this list.

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Marc E. Bassy - Love Her Too

After ear-tasting the track "Love Her Too" that Marc E. Bassy lately unveiled, you will immediately fall in love with his suave voice. The vibe in which the song immerses, definitely deserves a place of honor on major charts.

Indeed, it is with a well-chosen collaboration that Marc sets up the retro type of visuals that illustrates the beautiful musical orchestration merging ingredients of R & B, Soul and Funk. The black and white, enhanced with subtle VHS noise gives the video an amazing feeling of the 90’s. Also, the way that Marc performs and dance, subtly reminds of Justin Timberlake. Nonetheless, Bassy has his own sound signature which helps him to stand out a bit more. Stream Below.


Madison Beer - Hurts Like Hell (Ft. Offset)

Young Independent Singer-songwriter Madison Beer once again demonstrates her versatility by unveiling a new single in collaboration with rapper Offset. The track is a pure delight filled with emotions and catchy melodies. Indeed, Madison’s vocal performance transports in a whole new universe, and the fact that Offset is featured on the track gives more flavors and charisma to the composition.

Moreover, the visuals orchestrated for the song is another story, given the fact that it’s dark and gloomy. Indeed the quality is on point and the content suits well the music. Nonetheless, Madison performs the role of a witch that ends up Death by combustion, by using her witchcraft. View it below.


Lo Lo - Yours

With her Single “Yours”, Canadian Singer-Songwriter Lo Lo is setting the bar very high in the pop zone. Her charisma and her delightful sound signature makes her a potential Next Big Thing. Indeed, the single “Yours” immerses in a typical contemporary pop vibe blended with very catchy electronic ingredients. Plus, Lo Lo’s intoxicating vocal tone perfectly rides the instrumental to generate a pleasant feeling. Moreover, the song is enhanced by efficient and mellow visuals spotlighting Young Lo Lo in her genuine mood. The video is definitely unique and might get you in a happy, fun spirit. Stream below


Bryn - Drunk And Wavey (Ft. Dreezy)

Bryn moves up a gear by partnering with Dreezy for her "Drunk And Wavey" track that has already nearly 40k views on youtube.Indeed, the song is trendy and oozes swag and charisma. Also, the visuals illustrates well the mood exuded by the track as it shows both artists Bryn and Dreezy vibing and having fun throughout. Of course, the fact to watch the video gets you hype and makes you want to dance all day. Moreover, the video’s quality directed by KC Locke, is totally on point, like it could’ve been filmed by Hollywood professionals. Stream below.


Kaien Cruz - Dangerous

Kaien Cruz definitely has a remarkable vocal tone, which transports to colorful dimensions filled with emotions. Her latest track entitled "Dangerous", in which the young South African delivers an impeccable performance, could definitely be the breakout that would allow it to impose itself on the music market. In addition, the video that illustrates "Dangerous" is a beautiful visual orchestration that features the young singer in a sensual and adventurous vibe. Of course, the video is perfectly adapted to the feeling that the song exudes. Watch Below


Chersea - I Can’t Be You

It’s with passion, emotion and fragility that Vancouver singer-songwriter Chersea presents the visual of her latest musical project "I Can’t Be You". First of all, the track is a tremendous and consistent orchestration full of catchy frequencies. Chersea’s vibrant and charismatic vocal tone significantly touches and irrigates hearts. Indeed, listening to her performance, we feel connected to her story which portrays abusive relationships.

Some relationships are abusive, but not all abuse is physical. My new single, “I Can’t Be You,” explores gas-lighting – the manipulation of someone through psychological means into questioning their own sanity. — Chersea Shares.

Moreover, the video features many women singing along with Chersea and following her on her musical prowess. Also, the images get even more intense with Chersea being emotional and sharing few tears. I, personally think that the video has the potential blow up on Youtube and to be the breakout for this young talented artist. View it Below


ZION - The Point

After his very sensual and flavored single “Friendzone”, 19 year old British-Nigerian artist ZION is embarking on a more audacious and uplifting vibe, resulting in a totally trendy song entitled “The Point”. Of course, the song is enhanced with high quality visuals showing the young singer on a swaggy-charismatic mood. Filmed in London, the music video actually which was directed by LX who has previously worked with the likes of Dave, iLL BLU, Krept & Konan, and Django Django definitely welds the beginning of ZION's rise in the UK. Moreover, it’s noticeable that ZION is intending to emerge with new genre by spontaneously singing on Grime instrumental. He describes the musical perspective as “an eclectic contemporary R&B take on the rising UK Drill scene”, which is not bad at all, and could definitely put his career on a bigger map. View below


De’Wayne Jackson - Top Man

Watching De’Wayne Jackson’s “Top Man” music video is the type of thing you do when you looking for a new flavor that will get you hype. In other words, if you’re kind of exhausted of the trend that is going on in the Hip-Hop environment, then you should definitely listen to artists like De’Wayne.
Indeed, His wave and energy is different and his music exudes a lot of punk vibe. The latest single “Top man” blends Hip-Hop ingredients with energetic Rock’n Roll rhythms. Moreover, the video captivates and puts in a cinematographic mood. Watch below.


The Kemist x Nyanda - Body Can’t Lie

If you’re a fan of Sean Paul or Elephant Man and you enjoy Dancehall Music, I’m pretty sure that “Body Can’t Lie” By The Kemist is something that you will appreciate. First of all, the song is definitely the type of song that gets played in the clubs, not only because the hook is catchy but also because the vibe gets you in a dancing mood. Indeed, the single features Jamaican singer Nyanda who’s known for her melodic and intoxicating verse. Moreover, The visuals that illustrates the music present The Kemist as a Cop interrogating a hot and sexy dancer, who will show off some few whining moves. Watch Below.


Stefan James - Temptation

Twenty-one year old Stefan James has grabbed our attention, mostly because of his high-pitched vocal tone and the charisma that oozes his character in the music video entitled “Temptation”. Indeed, The track blends both R&B and Soul and the visual immerses in a sensual and erotic ambiance. The young vocalist even explains that the inspiration behind the visual “revolves around two addictions being intertwined by the temptations of pleasure.” Savor the images below