Felix Cartal Immerses Us In A Summer Vibe In The Middle Of Winter

Felix cartal


Felix Cartal has established himself as a force to be reckoned with in modern dance music. The last year proved to be catalytic for the producer, who was included in Billboard's "13 Dance Artists Who Dominated 2017" feature and whose Spotify channel has over 75 million streams. Felix's appeal lies in his ability to convey complex emotions through his music, like the hopeful angst of "Get What You Give," leaving listeners with a positive emotional catharsis.

Felix Cartal Takes us on a wonderful musical trip entitled « Mood », which features amazing female vocals. The track, even though, was unveiled in the middle of the winter, oozes a lot of summer vibes, mostly because of the glamorous guitar melodies. Indeed, a video illustrates well the type of mood you should be in, when listening to the song.
The visuals shows a group of best friends having fun and enjoying every single moment of a Monday. In other words, the video captures the brilliancy, energy and positivity of Cartal's music and this track in particular - and perhaps it will forever change the way you think about Mondays. "Mood" concludes Cartal's "Next Season" saga, which has amassed over 55 million streams on Spotify to date.