Australian Singer ANGE Exudes Genuine Confidence In Latest Video "Like I'm Crazy"

Ange .png

These days, there are a lot of artists reinventing Pop music and ANGE should be added to the roster. Her latest Single « Like I’m Crazy » is a catchy indie blend of electro Pop, Rock enhanced with a hint of soul sonorities. Ange’s vocal performance is quite effortlessly enchanting and the way she carries herself in the video seems genuine. In other word, You can tell that the young Australian Singer oozes confidence and authenticity.
Matter of fact, on the lyrical view, the song actually incites and encourages the confidence of being oneself in any situation without overthinking. 

“The song addresses self-doubt, setting limits and being strong to not care what others think; encouraging you to embrace your boldest and craziest side.” — Ange