L.A. Based Singer Anja Kotar Return With Colorful Visuals For Her Single "KIDS"


Anja Kotar Immerses us in a catchy youthful pop atmosphere with her latest single « KIDS ». Indeed, the composition adopts the classic pop formula of upbeat tempo and synthesizers, while the music video that illustrates the song, brings out brightness and colors. The music video was shot by Anja’s longstanding creative partner Jani Ugrin and the project is now available on all music platforms. Also, note that from The young LA singer, the song as the music video has a deep meaning. She quotes: 

« The music video features 6 different colored outfits and a correlating color flower for each of them. The white background represents the cold, harsh reality of our world, while the flowers represent the fairytale we present online. Each flower has a meaning that describes a characteristic of the millennial generation. Throughout the video, I carry more and more flowers in my hands, alluding to getting caught up in the online fantasy and progressively exaggerating it. »