Serbia reveals one of its most prominent talents and her name is Marija.

Uranium Waves - sbm marija.jpg

Young Serbian singer Marija has recently released the video of her latest musical piece called "All The Girls", and it is already a hit.
Indeed, with her young superstar look, Marija knows how to act and look good in a music video. We can feel her charisma and all her splendor as she delights in driving her beautiful convertible, surrounded by her friends. Later in the video, Marija finds herself in her big apartment getting ready to go to the club. However, the club only admits women as the topic of the song itself is about women's empowerment.
Moreover, concerning the audio, the musical composition exudes an atmosphere of musical pop mixed with a hint of electronic rhythm. Marija's vocal performance, worthy of a superstar, plunges us into a dancing vibe, especially with the captivating chorus. Check The video Below and share your thoughts.