HIGHER: A pleasant metaphorical theatrical fiction unveiled by L.A. Based Trio HUNTER

HUNTR Photo (2400px square) (main).jpg

In their latest Video "Higher", published on June 1st on Youtube, L.A. based trio HUNTR plunges us into a fictional cinematic universe mixed with a rather dramatic concept. Throughout the video, a young kid is levitated indefinitely, hypnotized and also somewhat attracted by a certain force. Then, the child finds himself in a graphically altered space, with shadows of overturned buildings, and crows flying away. Moreover, at a certain moment of the song, the rap part, the graphic scene takes a different turn. The young boy who was in full levitation finds himself in a room with plenty of power cable connected to the virtual reality headset he wears on his head. We realize that this whole scene of levitation is only the projection of what the kid perceives in his virtual reality. Finally, when the child removes his helmet, his eyes are of an abnormal color; which means he is either blind or plunged into a sort of trance. 

Indeed, the design of this video is a marvel and we must congratulate the amazing work of director Brian Lipko and also encourage the artistic performance of the young Justin Kirtdoll.
Watch the video below and share your opinions.