Cardi B Unveils "Be Careful" In Visuals


Cardi B gets inspired by the Royal Wedding and movie "Kill Bill" to concoct a lugubrious video for her track "Be Careful". In the first scene, Cardi enters a Chapel as a Bride ready to get wifed. On the verge of getting married to her lover, the New York rapper warns him of everything he may lose if he dares to play with her heart. Indeed the video reflects both the wedding and the burial of the groom given that the scene switched to a gloomy scene with Cardi B dressed in black, as a Widow. Proof that one should be very careful not to break Cardi's heart.
Directed by Jora Frantzis, the video exudes an obvious depiction of disloyalty and adultery. While fans speculated the song was about Cardi's fiancé Offset, she denied those suggestions. 

"No, I wasn't talkin' about Offset, I just was talkin' about things that I relate to and that have happened to me…you just think about different types of things that you went with different type of men," she said in an interview with Ebro Darden