5 Awesome Music Videos To Make You Enjoy Your Week A bit More!

Last week began with thanksgiving and many people had the privilege of relaxing and celebrating with their family. However, the month of October is also the month of debut exams and homework for students. That said, we are offering 10 new music videos that will calm your nerves and make you love life even more.

10. AJR - Burn The House Down 

"We're Gonna Burn The Whole House Down" is the catchy catchphrase from the track 'Burn The Whole House Down' by the AJR band. Of course, the track is accompanied by a wonderful video that was unveiled on August 30 this year, on Youtube. At this very moment, the video hits with more than 4 million views and totally suffices fans. The visual quality is adequate and the artistic direction orchestrated by The Mitchells & Spencer Hord, is great.

Indeed, the three brothers Jack, Adam and Ryan Met, who make up the group AJR, are seen in a vibe of After-party, being blindfolded by three ninjas, while they are preparing to be thrown in a ride on a chair. Then, the group is found in a large room, performing energetically and charismatically. See for yourself.


With a retro style and a vibe between Rnb and electro-soul, ANNE SUU offers us a rather emblematic visual for its track "Together". The already catchy track, enjoys a colorful video and filled with gaiety. Indeed, the video, artistically directed by Yvonne Mantay, is based on a road trip with friends. Throughout the video, ANNE SUU performs her song in the car, with her friends singing and dancing along with her. Shortly after, the car stops and the group of friends gets out to perform a little dance before heading back to the road. Personally, I find that the video is well developed, presented in a simple but interesting way. What do you think ?


With the single "Belong", the young singer Suedois Pawl is one of the most promising artists of this year. Previously, his single "Young and Faded" earned him encouragements from The Chainsmokers, who quickly noticed the enormous talent that the young Swede possesses.

Now you will be captivated by the new single "Belong", because not only the composition is intoxicating but also, the video that accompanies the sound will put you in a good mood. Indeed, in the video, we observe Pawl’s journey from waking up to the end of his day in the arms of his beloved. In addition, to match the different scenes, a camera follows the young Swede in all its activities, like in a Video Game. See for yourself.

Golden Vessel - BIGBRIGHT (Feat. Elkkle, E^ST & Duckwrth)

"BIGBRIGHT" is the type of vibe you need to feel special, hyped and happy - the four artists Golden Vessel, Elkkle, E ^ ST and Duckwrth have combined their talents to create a unique and captivating track. Each artist brings his contribution without altering the particularity of his flow. In addition, in the video accompanying the song, the four performers each have a flashy dress style that best reflects their personality.

Moreover, one of the details that makes the video even more interesting is the animation of drawings, which often runs through certain scenes. See for yourself.

YAØ - Scenery

Young Indonesian Singer YAØ offers us beautiful animated images for his new track "Scenery". Indeed, the video is basically composed of lyrics from the song, with the support of some series of scenes deriving from the animated cartoon "Nicky Larson". Personally, I'm a fan of Nicky Larson and I think the choice of images match the rhythm of the song. What do you think?