14 Years Old Toronto Artist AJA9 Showcases Her Incredibles Actress Talents In “Limbo”


At only 14 years old, Toronto Artist Aja9 appears as a tremendous singer/songwriter, that would definitely top charts. Her latest single « Limbo » is an amazing commercial pop vibe, that kinda reminds of The Chainsmokers type of production; And we all know that it means that the track could be played non-stop on the radio, not only because it has the criteria of a hit song, but mainly because it’s just catchy and easily unforgettable. The track’s lyrical perspective explores the young artist’s teenage life and wonders. 

‘‘When I wrote Limbo I was writing about feeling as if sometimes I'm too young for certain things and sometimes I'm too old. I often feel like I'm in limbo and trying to find what is right for me at this moment in my life.’’

Moreover, the song is enhanced with great visuals showcasing Aja9’s actress talent. Indeed, in certain scenes, she’s interpreting a crazy adolescent persona, demonstrating at both a psychotic and a childish behavior. Those brilliant performances prove that Aja9 has what it takes to be a star.