Drake's "In My Feelings" track becomes a hit with a dance challenge


In terms of commercial success, Drake definitely lives a 2018 year out of the ordinary.
After the massive successes that were "God's Plan" and "Nice For What", it is to a new hit to take the relay: viral "In My Feelings". The week after the release of the album, the song was directly ranked 6th in the Billboard Hot 100, making a very impressive debut. For its second week of operation, whose ranking was announced last night, the song just flew to first place, becoming the third piece of Drake to take the lead of the charts this year.

More globally, "In My Feelings" becomes the 6th Drake song to take the lead in the Billboard Hot 100, making the Canadian the most successful rapper in this field, ahead of Eminem, Diddy and Ludacris who each have 5 in the lineage. of the popular success that the co-founder of OVO knows, it is the second time of the year that he takes the first place of the Billboard Hot 100. In April, "Nice For What" exceeded "God's Plan" before today it is "In My Feelings" who takes the top of the ranking in "Nice For What".

Beyond being built as a mainstream hit, the success of "In My Feelings" is also explained by social networks, especially through the "In My Feelings Challenge" become viral. The videos of fans dancing eccentrically on the song have made their appearance in mass, which on the one hand kept the piece in the heart of the news, but which also made it discover to an even larger audience. From then on, a piece becoming viral on social media is just good news for an artist looking for business records like Drake.
Given that the artist was recently in London to shoot a clip, we can logically think that it is this famous extract of Scorpio that benefits, for a little more drive the nail of its success, in the image of "God's Plan "Who benefited a lot at the beginning of the year.

This certainly will not be the last Scorpion extract that will be exploited, enough to guarantee Drake maximum media exposure, commercial and popular in the second half of 2018.